/1.After a motorbike accident left him in a wheelchair, a man found an unlikely friend in a large cheetah.

In an incredible display of companionship, a cheetah becomes a man’s closest ally after a devastating motorcycle accident.

After a tragic accident that left him paralyzed and unable to use his lower limbs, former race car driver Joan Lascorz discovered an unlikely companion in a captivating cheetah.

In 2002, Joan, a Spanish man, was involved in a motorcycle accident while in Italy, causing him to lose control of his lower limbs and become wheelchair-bound. Despite this life-altering event, Joan has not allowed it to dampen his enthusiasm for life and has found other activities to replace the thrill of racing

Despite struggling to remain active in the racing world and having to switch vehicles, Joan’s greatest source of inspiration comes from the claws of a cheetah. Having raised the animal from a young age, he knows how to earn its trust, and the cheetah behaves like any other domesticated pet despite its size.

Despite being viewed by some as a risky and unusual choice, Joan’s decision to live with his beloved cheetah has resulted in a unique and unbreakable bond between the two, with the big cat following Joan’s every move within the house.

Joan’s treatment of the cheetah is incredibly gentle and affectionate, as seen in a heartwarming video he shared on Instagram that left viewers amazed, despite the animal’s impressive strength and siz

In the video, the cheetah can be seen playfully approaching Joan, highlighting the close relationship they share. The man even nuzzles his nose against the cheetah’s and kisses it, illustrating the deep level of trust and affection between them. This heartwarming scene is a rare and unique display of human-animal friendship.

The magnificent creature is treated with the same affection and care as any household pet, as seen when it rests its head on its human companion’s lap, much like pups or cats.

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