/1.Heartwarming Moment: A Stray Dog Finds Solace and Friendship with an Abandoned Teddy Bear, Stirring Deep Emotions Among Onlookers.

A dog who was always alone found an unexpected ‘friend’.

Recently, a photo showing a sleeping dog was posted on Reddit, an overseas online community.

Online community ‘Reddit’

In the released photo, a large teddy bear dressed in yellow fur lying abandoned on a shabby street corner stands out.

White fluffy fur is sticking out from between the torn torsos of the teddy bear.

On top of such a teddy bear, a puppy is lying on its side, curled up with its four thin legs as if it is about to burrow into its owner’s warm embrace, and is in a sweet sleep.

Online community ‘Reddit’

The appearance of a skinny dog ​​that looks like it has been through a difficult time evokes sadness in the viewer.

Netizens who saw the photo unanimously said, “I hope the dog finds a good owner as soon as possible and becomes happy.”

Meanwhile, it is said that the special friendship(?) between the two, who became precious to each other, continued even afterward.

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