26 impresionantes uñas verde esmeralda de invierno.d

Emerald green, the color of pine trees and mistletoe, is not just for your holiday decor anymore. It’s time to bring this festive hue to your fingertips with our curated list of 26 emerald green nail designs!

If traditional holiday nails are not your thing but you still want a gorgeous nail color to complement your winter outfits, we’ve got the perfect one just for you: emerald green. Often seen on the fingertips of Kylie and Kendall Jenner around Christmas, emerald green is a subtle choice for anyone looking to channel a festive vibe.

With this said, emerald green nails are not just a seasonal trend; they have a timeless allure that makes them wearable throughout the year. With this in mind, we’ve collated a selection of 26 chic emerald designs that grabbed our attention on Instagram.

Whether you’re attending a glamorous holiday party, or just want to add a splash of color to your everyday style, there’s a design worth recreating at your local nail salon.

The Best Emerald Green Nails

1. Glitter & Shimmer

Emerald green nails with gold glitter.

Go for a glamorous look with your emerald green nails with this glittery and shimmery manicure. Three nails have been painted with a shimmery green polish, while the middle and ring fingers have a glossy nude base and a diagonal green tip, framed with gold glitter for extra sparkle – just stunning!

2. Gold Flecks

Short emerald green marble nails.

These emerald green nails are just gorgeous, and the design works perfectly on both long and short nails. Each nail is painted with a glossy emerald green shade and then decorated with flecks of gold foil for a glam, marbled finish.

3. A Floral Touch

Emerald green nails with white and green flowers.

This green manicure is just what you need for the spring months with the pretty floral pattern. The thumb, ring, and little fingers are all painted with emerald green polish, while the index and middle fingers have a pink base and are decorated with white and green florals and finished with rhinestone details.

4. Diagonal Stripes

Short emerald green nails with silver glitter.

We love this diagonal striped design, which has a striking and unique look. The first three nails are painted in emerald green, then the ring finger has a pink base and is decorated with a silver and green diagonal stripe, while the little finger is covered entirely in silver glitter.

5. Festive Holly Leaves

Emerald green Christmas nails with gold glitter.

Emerald green is the perfect color to include in your festive manicure, as you can see from this holly leaf manicure that would look beautiful for the holiday season. The design includes matte green nails, a gold glitter nail, a polka dot nail, and a ring finger framed by a wreath of holly leaves and little red berries – just irresistible!

6. Abstract Waves

Short emerald green nails with swirls.

This manicure has an artistic look, with the abstract wave pattern decorating the index and middle fingers. These nails have a milky white sheer base then are decorated with emerald green waves, while the rest of the nails are painted with this glossy green shade to create a simple yet chic short manicure.

7. Velvet Emerald

Emerald green velvet nails.

This shimmering velvet effect is just incredible all on its own. Each nail is painted with a shimmering magnetic green polish, which sparkles in lighter green and teal shades under the light – so beautiful. This manicure is ideal for the fall and winter seasons.

8. Green Swirls

Emerald green marble nails with gold flakes.

Swirly designs are so popular at the moment, which is why we just adore this swirly green, gold-flecked nail design. Three nails are painted with a rich, emerald green shade, while the middle and ring fingers have a sheer nude base and are decorated with a green swirl design along one half of the nail, which is then embellished with flecks of gold.

9. Fall Leaves

Add a little glamour to a classic fall manicure design with a gold-striped, leaf pattern! The emerald green middle and little fingers sit alongside matte, natural nails, that have been decorated with green leaves blooming from a gleaming gold branch, adding a little extra sparkle to the nails.

10. Green & Gold Stars

Mixed green French tip nails with stars.

This star design is just gorgeous and ensures a dazzling, opulent look – ideal for any special occasion! Each nail has a sheer white base and then has been finished with a French tip design in a range of green shades. The nails are also decorated with gold stars, with a green-tinted rhinestone sitting in the center – so stunning!

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