Discover the story of a cat with a rare medical condition that remains forever kitten-sized, capturing hearts with its unique charm.

We used to wish our kitten would stay little forever, but that wish never came true because kittens, just like humans, grow up into adult cats. But in fact, there is a special kitten who won’t grow up into a cat and will be the size of a small kitten his whole life.


Meet Munchie, the 7-month-old cat still looks like a kitten. He weighs just about 1.7 kg and will never grow any bigger due to his rare condition called hypoparathyroidism. Despite his condition, he is still an adorable kitten who has plenty of love to give and always makes people happy.

Munchie was found as an a.ba.nd.on.ed cat last September. After that, he was taken into a veterinary clinic in Wolverhampton where he met his new owner Emily Tomlinson. It was suspected that he was left by his previous owners due to having unusually cloudy eyes, although this condition does not affect his vision and his everyday life.

“I work in a veterinary practice. He got handed in at practice after being found by a lady near to a park. I fostered him for a week, then adopted him when no one came forward to claim him,” Emily said.

Munchie settled into his new home, but as months passed, Emily began to realize there was something wrong with him. She rushed him straight to the vets, where they confirmed he does have hypoparathyroidism. It also meant that Munchie would stay little forever, stay his current size (1.7 kg) for the rest of his life.

Although it isn’t entirely clear how long he will live, Emily will never leave him behind. She will care for him and give him the best life possible.

“I feel very lucky to have Munchie, he’s got the cheekiest little character and loves having lots of attention and cuddles,” Emily said. “He loves to play with his kitten toys.”

“He has a lifelong condition so will need regular blood tests to check his calcium levels and will be on medication for the rest of his life,” Emily shared.

Despite everything, this little boy is living and enjoying his best life with his mom and his pet siblings. We would like to say thank you to Emily for giving Munchie all the love and care he needs!

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