Join firefighters as they courageously rescue a frightened kitten trapped in a sewer for days, offering comfort and a second chance at life.

It’s a firefighters duty to help everyone in their community when they’re in trouble — whether they’re human or animal. We’ve all heard of firefighters saving kittens from trees, but firefighters really do go out of their way all the time to save trapped pets from harm.

That was the case recently, after one fire department came to the rescue of a cat who was trapped in a sewer pipe for days.

A few days ago, the Phoenix Fire Department’s Fire Station 61 received multiple calls about a meowing sound coming an underground pipe.


Arriving on the scene, the firefighters discovered that a kitten had been trapped in the sewer for days, and immediately began a rescue operation. The kitten was reportedly stuck down there for nearly a week. Unfortunately, the scared kitten was also resistant to their help, and the rescue operation went two days without success. But things turned around after the Phoenix firefighters were assisted by the Arizona Humane Society.

The animal experts were able to create a humane trap, allowing the firefighters to finally lure the kitten to safety. “The two-day rescue took all hands on deck,” AHS wrote on Facebook. Their teamwork paid off: after being trapped for a week, the precious kitten was finally pulled to safety.

“Because of the teamwork and collaboration of Phoenix Fire Department and AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians, this kitten was safely rescued,” AHS wrote. “He is now being cared for in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital.” The kitten is apparently a stray, and according to AHS will soon be put up for adoption — though they say one of the firefighters involved with the rescue is already looking to give the kitten a home.

It’s a heartwarming ending to this rescue mission, a story that shows the power of people coming together to help animals. “We save cats out of trees, drains, or wherever they may be!” the Phoenix Fire Department wrote on Facebook. “Wags and purrs for our friends at Phoenix Fire Station 61!” the Arizona Humane Society wrote.

Thank you to the Phoenix Fire Department and the Arizona Humane Society for saving this poor kitten!

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