La planta compartimentada existente de la casa tuvo que ser reelaborada para reflejar la apertura típica de la vida moderna, al mismo tiempo que proporciona un equilibrio entre las zonas privadas y sociales.d

The existing compartmented floor plan of the home had to be re-worked to reflect the typical openness of modern living, while still providing a balance between private and social zones. Flowing from the retained original front section of the home is a bold contemporary form.

It is predominantly comprised of large expanses of floor to ceiling glass and bold white rendered forms strategically concealed behind the existing heritage part of the home. The house extends over 3 levels and is connected by a central helical stair rising up from the basement to the master bedroom on the First Floor.

Another major design challenge was to elevate the rear addition to enable views of the bay to the West. This inherently creates the issue of dealing with the harsh West setting sun. Our response was to send out 3.5m long over-sailing rooves that provide shelter to the internal spaces while creating an intimate outdoor living area. We also integrated external motorized venetian blinds to allow the owners to control the amount of light and privacy.

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