Love Knows No Limits! A Rescued Dog, Who Lost Her Puppies, Adopts Three Orphaned Kittens, Celebrating a New Family.

A dog named “Georgia” was discovered residing at a Rocky Point gas station near the US-Mexico border. Sunshine Dog Rescue, situated in Phoenix, spotted her and transported her to their facility.

They discovered Georgia was pregnant, but unfortunately, none of the puppies survived. According to ABC Arizona, all of the babies were delivered prematurely.


Georgia was distraught and unhappy after losing all of her kids, according to Anita Osa, founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue.

Anita stated:

“I’ve never known a mother to lose an entire litter. She was frantic, was the only way she could explain it. She was so depressed that she went in search of those infants. She ripped apart the toddler mattress we placed her on in her search for her kids.”


Anita sent out a cry for aid on social media, hoping that Georgia would begin her healing process both physically and mentally. She was seeking for any animal in need of a nursing mother.

That’s how they came upon a trio of orphaned newborn kittens in desperate need of a mother to help them survive.

Anita was first skeptical that a dog would accept babies, but she was pleasantly delighted to witness Georgia’s quick attachment with her three foster kittens.


Anita stated:

“I took my time introducing them. I picked one and gave it to her to sniff, and she appeared to like it, so she brought the others. It’s remarkable to watch how quickly she calmed herself down. “I believe the kittens have no idea Georgia is a dog.”

Georgia is even letting her kittens to nurse despite her limited milk supply.

Anita added:

“She breastfeeds them. She cleans them up and everything, but the bond is strong. It’s really something to see, she protects those kittens as if they were her babies ».

Georgia is happy that these three felines came into her life, after all the pain caused by the loss of her cubs.

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