Shocked to unearth an unusually large and otherworldly-looking fish, appearing as if it hails from a different planet (video) .l

Oscar Lυndahl nearly jumped out of his fishing boat when he first saw the strange, bulging-eyed species.


The Latin name for the ratfish is Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus. It started from the Greek mythological creature with a dragon’s tail and a lion’s head. Strange creatures are rarely caught as they live in deep waters. They may have developed large eyes to help them see in such deep, dark places.

Oscar, a 19-year-old Nordic Sea Αngliпg fishing guide, accidentally caught the species off the coast of northern Norway. He claimed they had been chasing a rare type of blue halibut five kilometers offshore. Near the end of his line, which contained four hooks, he discovered a huge object.

He picked it up after spending almost 30 minutes at a depth of 800 meters. He was pleased to see that there were two halibυts on each of the hooks, but then he noticed an unexpected development. He had never seen anything like that before and it was great. In short, it looked strange, almost like a dinosaur. His co-worker knew what it was, but he had no idea.

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