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Maya the dog was hauled to a high-kill shelter in Texas, USA, and carried away by her previous family while wearing a rope around her neck. After several unsuccessful attempts to drag her, she finally gave up because she was too terrified to step through the door. Instead, one of her relatives grabbed her up and carried her inside.

Maya put in the effort to indicate that she did not want to be there, but this callous family did not care; they just left her behind, unconcerned with the respect and devotion the dog had for them.


Co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York, Stacey Silverstein, stumbled onto the depressing video one day while browsing the web. After watching the video, she was devastated and phoned the shelter right away to express her desire to assist Maya.

Stacey stated to The Dodo:

We were affected. We called the shelter right away.

Maya was being treated for heartworm illness at the time at Aldine Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas. Even though she was already in a secure location, the dog was still quite uneasy because, undoubtedly, her previous home did not treat her well.

Because her former family was responsible for establishing that dread in her by pulling her by her neck to get rid of her in a location where she was undoubtedly going to be sacrificed, it is understandable that Maya was first uncomfortable with being petted and even walked on a leash.

Maya was placed in a foster home in New York after deciding she was ready to find a family. A few weeks later, a family saw her and decided to adopt her.

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