Watch as a dog’s heartwarming reaction to toys with their adoptive father’s picture brings joy and comfort.

Since her father saved her from a shelter four years ago, they have been inseparable. Millie is a typically nice and content dog, and her favorite pastime is spending time with him. She, Millie, started to exhibit depressive symptoms while he was away for business, so the man’s daughter made “Daddy’s Toys” out of images of her face.

Daughter Carolann said to The Dodo, “Millie was withdrawn and had stopped eating,” adding that the dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Carolann first tried to comfort Millie by placing her father’s conversations on loudspeaker, but this just appeared to make things worse. Millie started to withdraw regretfully, as if hearing his voice made her miss him more and remember him more. thus the girl had a wiser thought.

Said Carolann:

“I figured printing out his face, laminating it, and sticking it to anything would be a fun alternative. I went to my sister’s room, which is stuffed with toys, thinking it would be the best place to look.”

These new “daddy toys” for Millie were created in this manner.

Despite Carolann’s admission that some of the toys are odd-looking, particularly one with her father’s face and Patrick Star’s body from SpongeBob SquarePants, Millie adores them.

Carolann continued:

“They are utterly adored by Millie. She carried them to her basket and laid her head on one of them after giving them a smell and toying with them for a while. She appeared to be lot happy.”

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