/1.The adopted dog from the shelter is overflowing with gratitude, unable to contain his joy as he showers his new owner with endless hugs, a heartwarming display of appreciation and love.

It is always heartbreaking to have to euthanize shelter pets because most people do not really love them. The rising popularity of stray dog and cat adoption is beneficial since it helps more and more of these animals find loving homes.

Russ the Pitbull found a loving home with Kayla Filoon, a 20-year-old college student who volunteered as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia. When Russ was brought to work with Filoon at ACCT Philadelphia, they instantly hit it off.

She reportedly sensed a connection between them as soon as she set eyes on Russ, according to Filoon. According to this picture of Russ showing affection that Filon’s friend posted on Facebook, he seems to share the same sentiment!

Here is Russ. Who, after all, could turn away from that adorable face?

Kayla Filoon experienced love at first sight. “He was badly beaten when he came in as a stray.”

Kayla realized the shelter would soon have to put him down because he was losing fur and was so emaciated. She then made the decision to bring him home and adopt him!

Russ is a highly affectionate dog and was really grateful.

He enjoyed cuddling!

He’s the “perfect dog” in Filoon’s eyes.

He tries to find methods to cuddle with me while I’m doing my homework on a chair one night.

The image that Kayla’s buddy snapped and shared on Facebook gained a lot of attention.

Russ is now receiving affection from animal lovers around the globe!

He is just such a love bug.

Six other housemates live with Filoon, and they all adore Russ.

Russ took some time to become accustomed to his new surroundings.

He recovered fairly well with continual love, attention, and lots of relaxation.

Now, though, he is sound and content!

Kayla hopes that Russ’ story would encourage others to adopt.

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