Broken Promises: The Heartbreaking Tale of a Lost Dog Abandoned by a Family at the Shelter.

Lindsy, a 6-year-old pit bull mix, was picked up as a stray by animal control authorities in May and sent to the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York. A youngster phoned the shelter a few weeks later, explaining that Lindsy belonged to her and her family and had lately gone missing.

Kristin Siarkowicz, an animal control officer at Babylon Animal Shelter, told The Dodo, “The youngster stated she would have to ask her father whether they could receive her.”

Unfortunately, the family did not show up, and the youngster did not return my call. Lindsy had been left behind.

While this was disappointing, the shelter workers remained optimistic that Lindsy would find a new home soon because she had such a pleasant demeanor.

Lyndsey Grosjean, a worker at Babylon Animal Shelter, told The Dodo, “She is nice, friendly, and laid-back.” “She enjoys playing fetch and ripping apart toys. She enjoys walks, snacks, and simply being with her family.”

But, despite the fact that Lindsy has been in the shelter for nearly two years, no one has expressed interest in adopting her.

Lindsy is now an 8-year-old senior, and Grosjean feels that her age, as well as her size, may be preventing her from being adopted.

Grosjean stated, “She is not a cute little puppy.” “The older, bigger ones just do not receive the public’s attention that they deserve.” Plus, because she’s been there for so long, people assume she’s got something wrong with her when she doesn’t. Long-timers have a bad reputation.”

Although spending so much time at a shelter isn’t ideal for any dog, Lindsy always appears to be in good spirits.

“She’s done a fantastic job,” Grosjean remarked. “She doesn’t appear to be anxious; she is surrounded by people who care about her and look after her.” But that’s probably half the reason she’s still there: she blends in, has excellent kennel manners, and appears to be content. However, it’s a bit depressing.”

Siarkowicz added, “Lindsy never has a bad day.” “Her tail is continually wagging and she’s looking for attention.”

Lindsy is in desperate need of a permanent home with a family that adores her. Grosjean stated that if she finds it, she would “weep with joyous tears.”

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